Rainbow trout
Rainbow trout
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Quick removal of the hook, and off she goes!
Barbless trout fishing
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Salmon Alaska
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Rainbow trout Kenai
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What to consider when booking your FISHING trip

Fly fishing trips can be booked for a half-day (approximately 4 hours) or a full-day (approximately 8 hours). Full day trips can fish for all species. During a half-day trip guests decide to fly fish for a range of catch and release fish or for salmon. Catch and release fish include Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Greyling, and Whitefish. A half-day trip for salmon depends on the time of year. If your trip is restricted to particular dates, check out the fish season calendar below to know what species will experience the best fishing (this does not give dates for legal fishing seasons). 




There are limits on the number of the fish kept for salmon and we encourage guests to keep fish which aren't spawning for specie sustainability as well as meat quality. Included in the guided fishing trips are fly rods and reels, tackle (beads, bugs and dry flies), instruction on fishing techniques (from beginner to experienced including many techniques you won't find with other Kenai guides), life jackets as well as waders and boots (if fishing from the shore). Full day trips come with complimentary hot drinks (coffee, hot chocolates etc) and usually a cute dog for company.


8 hour full-day trips are charged per person for $275

4 hour half-day trips are charged per person for $175

Lakeview Outfitters offer both fishing trips and scenic floats. Fishing trips can have up to five anglers per boat and are charged at a per person rate. Several boats can travel down the river together to accommodate larger groups. Smaller groups may be fishing with others parties during busy periods.

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Rainbow trout