Lakeview Outfitters offer both fishing trips and scenic floats. Scenic floats can accommodate six people per boat. For larger groups we can organise to float the Kenai with several boats.


Scenic floats can can be enjoyed throughout the day, although early morning and evening are encouraged as the river is serene with most fisherman are off the water.  Trips are for approximately 3 hours and include either an antipasto platter or cinnamon rolls and espresso coffee. Guests can bring their own bottle of still or bubbles (or whatever suits) and we provide stem ware.  Boats can be heated if there is a chill in the air and if you have a large group, multiple boats can travel down the river together. Cute dogs are available for company!


Although wild life can't be guaranteed nearly every float the majestic bald eagle can be seen protecting its nests, a range of wild fish glide through the turquoise waters, and occasionally black and brown bears as well as moose can be seen from the safety of the boat.  Both TJ and Phil are knowledgable on the local wildlife, from birds to bears.

3 hour scenic floats are per boat for $300.

(e.g. $50 per person with six people or $75 per person with four people)

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